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Friday, 27 January 2012

College Life..

Finally,I have time to clean up my blog's dust.I don't update it almost a month alry I think,have many spider web here,Do you see it??"STOP NONSENSE!!",I know you guys want to tell me..Okay,start the topic..But,I wanna shouted 1st.."I am backkkkkk!!I miss you guys very very much!!" #BigShout #InTears

1,2,3..Start!!I stayed at hostel for fortnight.Actually it's very bored to stay at hostel,especially at NIGHT...We hadn't transport there,so can't hang out at night,just can stay at hostel after dinner time.Do you guys imagined that how bored izit?? No wifi available,no television,no hot shower and else..arghhh..I can't live without wifi!!!BTW,the hostel is super duper HOTTTTT!!OMG,five people share a fan,I still remember that I can't sleep on the 1st night. #sweat

When I was back,my relatives,friends keep asking me:"How about your college life??Nice or not?" Ermmm,actually not bad so,except HOSTEL!!!My class has 20 person,and I same class with Guin.Do you guys know who is her??hahaha,she is @MeiPing,her nickname is Penguin,so the shortform is called Guin. :DDD Funny right?hahaha..All of us call each other in the nickname,our lecture same too.That means idk their real name,and they dunno mine too.Just call me S'ting,I will thank you so much,I swear!!!

IEP=Intensive English Programme
#Hostel. our bed.Which one is the untidy bed?

@RoyChiu #background #desktop

 Except study,we must relax ourselves.Yeaa,1st time go to shopping by KTM with friends,Thanks Nicole be our guide. ^^

The girl who wear a spectacle names Nicole. #newfriend  She is a noisy girl,and her English is good!!hahahaha :D

our schedule,copy from Elain's facebook. #full
one of the activity in the other schedule,birthday party!!We celebrate whole IEP student's birthday.

my lecture,Mrs Sarah. She was very gorgeous when she was young!!

Mrs Sarah's husband,Mr Bilt.

I'm enjoying my college life,but I miss my home so much!!I just realised that my CNY holidays left 2 more days,that means I gonna back to college again..Arghh,I still in new year mood what!!I still wanna hang out with my buddies!! Everyday I'm suffering.. #intears  Besides,some of my buddies want to further study at Taiwan,they leave SP when I still at Kajang..I can't say goodbye face to face with them..!!!T.T I dunwan I dunwan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But,hope they get success then. I will miss you all.. T.T

CNY post is coming soon,stay tuned....

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