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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

i MISS it,i LOVE it ❤

Time passed by in the wink of the eye,my shorten course was ended,that means I had gone back to my hometown almost a week ago.TIME,I wanna kill you!!The memorable six weeks,I won't forget it!!I miss you,I miss her,I miss him,I miss them,I miss everybody...I really hate the feeling which make me feel grieving most.I just start to adapt my life with them,but now...we gonna to say goodbye with each other..How cruel is it??!!But hope our friendships are never to be forgotten. BTW,I want to show my gratitude to @Mrs.Sarah and @Ms.Kay,both of them are my best lectures.They are friendly and kindly too.I LOVE THEM!!!Thank for my both beloved lectures teaching,really thank you..!!

My dear classmates,please don't forget the girl who called S'ting,you guys also can call her "horse",19 years old,and she comes from Sg.Petani,Kedah. I know you guys won't!!hahaha :DD How to describe you guys??Ermmm,friendly?(not bad lur) cute?(sometime lurr)crazy?(extremely correct!!)hahaha :D I still remembered that we practiced our presentation at the empty space,how crazy we are?"The Lazy Song","I My Me Mine","What The Hell","甩葱歌" etc,just can use one word to describe the crazy night:LMFAO!!hahaha :DD # giggle  and and and,Did you guys remember that we ran to the KTM station during the raining day?We became wet when we reached there,just can say:MEMORABLE!! :'(

The last day of IEP(class party):-

Our stage presentation:-
our group's mc-- Jhan & Cloud
#nowsinging-- My Love by @Westlife

Pink Panther..hahaha :D

The Lazy Song,"Today I don't feel like doing anything..."

I My Me Mine..5 Minute??hahaha :DD

sorry sorry..
What The Hell..

Chicken Dance..I like it most,damn funny..^^

-The End-

WONDERFUL!!AWESOME!!we're the BEST!! I enjoyed it,hahaha :D Goodbyes were tough, and the first thing I did when I got home was to just sit down and cry for a bit.(我不是冷血的,okay??) I'll miss you all,until we meet again.Yea!!!we will and we must!!BTW,I'm glad to meet you all,and I truly wish you guys all the best in the future.#KEEPINTOUCH.

Yours sincerely,


Villiam Tai said...

ya~we really had a memorable times together~
u make me cry againT.T
Friends 4ever^^

S'tinggg said...

don't cry lar..we'll meet again,good luck. :)