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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year...

#Ohyeah!!Happy 2012.... Tthe 1st post of 2012...Huh~~Last year I followed my sis went to VM for countdown the coming 2012.On the way to VM,we encounter the police blocking,damn hardworking ar them,#thumbs up!!!diuzzz..When I reached there,I saw very crowded,but its coundn't compare with PP or AutoCity..I thought there must crowded than VM!!I wish I could go there too!!T.T  I met Meimei,Yong Chee,Beng Yang and their friends at VM,and where were my buddies?ermmmm,IDK.. =='' maybe disappear.#joke :D

BTW,the fireworks was damn awesome and quite long,15 minutes!!But I most preference Taipei 101's fireworks,super duper AWESOME!!!!!Huh~~How much were them spend on it?O.O but it's okay lar..Just once a year,right??Today is 1 Jan 2012,that means school wanna reopen alry,but this is not of my businees.wakakaka..But I wish all my 學弟學妹 good luck in their study..Especially those wanna sitting on the UCE examination in this year,must study hard!!! ^^V Besides,my courses is countdown 2 days more..woohoo..^^lalalalalalalala

THANK YOU 2011 for giving me a new meaning of life and for making me explore my inner strength and beauty..- Best Quotes

Happy 2012 :)

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